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Oway simpley organic carlsbad san diego


An Italian pioneer of sustainable beauty, OWAY brings a whole new level of clean ingredient products to the forefront. Bottled in the glass amber is a journey only steam distilled essential oil aromas can bring you on. A line free from synthetic fragrance and completely sans aerosol. My favorite product is the Plant and Mineral Refresh for those shampoo free days.

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paper not foil sustainable beauty carlsbad san diego clean beauty

Paper Not Foil

For most blonding services I use reusable and biodegradable papers in lieu of foil. It's a sustainable conscious hairdresser's answered prayer to what is often a very wasteful aspect of hair color. They are cut to size, can be washed + disinfected to be used multiple times and unlike foil , will degrade into the ground with no detriment to the earth. They are lighter on the head than foils and get the same job done.

cult and king carlsbad san diego clean beauty

Cult and King

The mysterious glass bottled and bamboo housed product line that pioneers a gender neutral and minimalistic approach to botanical infused magic. They break the rules by making a few products do multiple things. From flyaways to bug bites and shaving, the dedication to providing refills to their glass bottles is revolutionary. I love cocktailing the Balm and Jelly for added root lift and separation on shorter haircuts.