Simple Hourly $110 Per Service Hour Minimum

All Inclusive

Gender Neutral

No "Add Ons"

No Tip Obligation


1 Hour Service


All inclusive 1 hour service for all genders. 
Haircut + Style = Perfect for maintaining shapes.
Toner + Style 
Blow Dry + Botanical Scalp Detox or Treatment

1.5 Hour Service


Detailed Haircuts For Thick Hair + Style = Perfect For Haircut Transformations
Root Touch Up + Style

2 Hour Service


Major Haircut Transformation + Style = Thick/ Long Hair to Short Hair

Fine Hair Root Touch Up + Haircut + Style

Hairline Only Hilights + Haircut + Style

2.5 Hour Service


Thick Hair Root Retouch + Haircut +Style

Roots To Ends Retouch + Haircut + Style

Partial Hilights + Haircut + Style

Partial Hilight + Root Color/Grey Coverage + Style

Bleach Retouch Maintenance (Within 4-5 weeks) +Toner + Style

3 Hour Service


Full Hilight + Toner + Style
Full Balayage + Toner + Style
Platinum Retouch + Toner + Haircut + Style
Full Hilight + Root Color/Grey coverage + Haircut/Toner + Style

Blonding + Vivid Hair Color Refresh + Style

4 Hour Service


Color Overhauls/ Extreme Changes 
Vivid Colors On Thick Hair
*Consultation Required Before Booking*

5+Hour Service


Extreme Overhauls Or Vivid Color Projects On Thick Hair + Haircut + Style

*Consultation Required Before Booking*

Virtual Color Consultation

A Virtual 15 minute Facetime meeting with yours truly. Required for all potential new color guests to make sure we are both on the same page with your hair dreams. Please be in a well lit, quiet area. Prior to our meeting. You may email me pictures of your inspiration.
See you soon!

Fringe/Neck Trim


A service to maintain fringe or neck clean up. Perfect for keeping looks tidy in between regular services.


Behind the chair hours

Wed: 10am_5pm
Thurs: 10am-5pm
Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-5pm