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I'm Rachel, my pronouns are She/Her and I'm a born and raised San Diegan that started my professional hair journey in 2010. Pre that I was chopping off my barbies hair and practicing on my emo/glam punk friends in high school.


After I was licenced, I invested in Vidal Sassoon education before I even got into my first salon. It set the bar for what kind of technical hairstylist I wanted to be. I've attended courses at both the London and Santa Monica Academies twice each because I just love learning in their settings.


The hair that brings me life and I love to gift to my clients is anything shoulders and above. It makes me so happy to carve out both unconventional and classic shapes on ALL Textures to support someone feeling like themselves.


I also like to combine precision principles with Straight Razor haircutting, it's an amazing tool for solving problem areas, easy grow out, or a more lived in finish.

I enjoy complementing those shapes with gentle ammonia free hair color. Be it platinums, brunettes, reds or vivids, I just love creative color to compliment short shapes. 


I'm a huge Vintage Hairstyling enthusiast. I've never felt like I belonged in this era myself. And there isn't a period drama I don't heavily critique for era accuracy. I also collect 1920s working electric hair wavers. I have an IGTV series on them.


Very early in my career I had the privilege of spending a weekend at Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher's organic farm and home where he personally educated small groups about clean beauty and greenwashing. Which is why I am committed to providing non toxic product options and education while supporting professional independently owned companies that run theirs as sustainably as possible. They also offer me online affiliate link options for my clients to shop whenever they want.


I'm proud to offer a simplified hourly service menu based on time, not gender identity. This is an all inclusive appointment to encompass all we want to achieve in the time we have. I am also gratuity free. This is a way of breaking the cycle in our industry from both racist and sexist business practices that serve no good purpose for the future of the world. 


These days you can find me at home with my cat Atticus and dog Scout, Disneyland, or servicing my amazing clients in my private Art Deco Jungle suite, within the InStyle Salons in Encinitas. I recently completed Spring semester at Cerritos College for Theater Wig Styling in LA. And had the opportunity this summer to maintain the Vista Moonlight Theater Cinderella Wigs.