Covid-19 Protocol

I am a fully vaccinated Hairstylist


As a state health and safety licensed professional I follow all California mandated guidelines required for the personal service industry.


And will keep these in place until further notice from California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


So here is what I am doing:

  1. All guests visiting the salon are required to wait outside and text me when they arrive. At appointment time I will let you in.

  2. The layout of As One Salon Collective is suite style, meaning every professional has a single private room to themselves giving us ample separation from all other salon guests.

  3. I only take one guest at a time, unless 2 members of a household are in need of a service.

  4. All frequented surfaces are sanitized with hospital grade sanitizer in between appointments. As well as all tools.

  5. Weather permitting I have a window open directly to our left as well as a Dyson air purifier in front of you to maintain good clean air circulation. 

  6. All guests are expected to be honest and notify me if they are unwell or suspect they may have been exposed to the virus. I'm happy to reschedule. 

  7. Masks are required in the salon common areas. I can provide a surgical mask as an option for color services. Fully vaccinated guests are allowed to remove their mask when they are only in my suite room. I'm opting to remain masked.



While a hair salon is safer than Costco and I trust my protocol there is always the slightest risk to being exposed to Covid-19 given the amount of personal space and time needed for services.

My hope is that the people I spend time with in my space are just as considerate and dedicated to working together to get us over this trauma faster. 99% of my clientele has been openly vaccinated.

I hope this helps you feel safer and informed about how seriously I take this. Hang tight, this won't be forever!